our mission:  

Greenhouse is dedicated to providing space for emerging and local artists, emphasizing visual art, performance, and fashion through exhibitions, community outreach, and public collaboration.

  about the house:  

Greenhouse was born from the idea that nurturing an artistic community in Texan soil means providing access to emerging artists. by offering a (literal) platform for expression and experimentation, the artists, the viewers, and the work involved can exist outside of gallery conventions. Greenhouse owes much to those who came before and strives to celebrate them all as it starts its own journey. Thank you for your support and thanks for stopping by.
  forever thanks to:  

Emily Lee
Rachael Starbuck
Richard & Elizabeth Greene
Paisley Blair
Sage Clay
Mac Benson
Henry Smith
Audrey Blood
Jamie Lerman
Jamey Poole
Kaitlyn Zaldana
Mathew McIntyre
Payton LaGrone
Stephanie Kim
Gabi Clemente
Payton Myers
Gabby Fleming
Elizabeth Newton
Eric Garcia
Joshua Clark
Logan Larsen
Miles Matis-Uzzo

And Everyone Who’s Gotten Us Here.

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founded by richard alexander greene, 2023